About Jake Enemark

I started out as Jakob Miller, actually. I didn’t like Jakob as I grew up, so I went to Jake Miller. Doesn’t sound awesome, does it? That’s why I got a step-dad.

So as Jake Enemark, I’ll let you know why I’m in the Video program at Mt. Hood Community College.

I’ve always loved film, ever since I was little, like so many others. It started with simple kids films, animated speticles like “Hercules” and “Monsters Inc”, then to slasher horror like “Halloween” and “Scream”. Then to epics like “Indiana Jones” and “Donnie Darko”(my favorite film of all time). I could list a plethora of amazing films that inspired me to chose film as a career. It’s because I can speak in film; communicating through moving images without even saying a word. If you could, wouldn’t you?

I’m personally interested in doing it all when it comes to film. Music videos, documentaries, animated shorts, features, commercials, fuck even pornos(the stories are just horrid). I really just want to tell the stories I want to tell, and show it the way only I can.

Now, as I educate in even working in the industry, I hope you will follow my upcoming posts. Enjoy.