Lego Batman: Shark Repellent Makes Crazy Comeback!

While we laugh at some Batmen, this one will laugh at us. (This movie would and probably would had said that)

“Lego Batman” is a second film to the Lego movies that they are apparently starting and it stars Will Arnett as Batman, Micheal Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis Joker, Rosario Dawson as Barbra Gordan, and a whole sloe of other talented and well preformed actors. This was directed by Chris McKay and was written by a ton of people. But let me tell you about these tons of people: they are seriously hilarious. Every scene is full of energy and cracks of humor at literally every turn(I mean literally in a figuratively). Also, applause to the animators/editors because the movie looks great and cut very well to tell this relatively simple story and structure in an unmatched playful world.

The story, like I said, is simple in nature: Batman has a problem within himself, he discovers what he’s afraid of, finds out that they can help him be a better him, and they all defeat the bad guys. But, as I’m writing this, I understand that this actually is kind of complex, but even then I was going to mention how many amazing layers that this movie has. Whereas some stories would have had kept it down to that simple nature, Lego Batman adds themes about family and friendship, teamwork, and how to be happy. Batman has never really been shown as lonely or without a life, he’s been shown to throw parties, always on the pursuit of  a bad guy, and sometimes has someone he can trust by his side. At the beginning of this film we see that all stripped away once he arrives back at his manor: he lives in a big, empty mansion, no super friends, no family besides Alfred, and without a dog(he should get a dog in the next movie). These choices ultimately what fascinated me most with this movie and can really tie people to this new Batman and this story.

This movie really nails it’s humor and I’m telling you, within seconds of the movie starting, I was starting to laugh out loud. This could also be because I was with my three year old cousin and parents in a movie theater to ourselves, but I doubt it. This movie is actually better than the Lego movie that came before it. It’s interesting, too, in the trailers was the trailer for the next Lego movie: The Lego Ninjago.  While I did know that they were building a Lego franchise, I never thought I would welcome it completely, because these movies can help mentor other studios into going all in with creative talent and trusting for a good product(I can imagine how hard that’ll be, but stop trying to shove your creative input in). Lego Batman showed exemplary story telling and carries over themes and values from the Lego Movie, challenging another big cinematic universe Marvel. But those are completely different(are they?) and deserve no comparison(you sure?).

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Have a great week guys,

-Jake Enemark


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