John Wick 2: Why I didn’t love it

I was so excited to see this movie. When I had watched the trailer for the first one and thought, “Man, another action movie, bleh”, I was persuaded by my dad who has pretty good taste to give it a shot. And I love him for doing that. The first one felt so different and it stood aside from all of the throwaway action movies, and could possibly stand par with the classics like “Die Hard” and “Rambo”.

So I went into this movie with really open expectations despite really enjoying the first one. We all know sequels aren’t the greatest half the time, so I made approach for this movie, let’s say, “flexible”. And I’m glad I did.

It wasn’t bad, it was actually quite spectacular. The stunt work and design was like whoa, and the sets were incredible. This film carries over a ton of what I liked about the first one. But, it also left a few things behind, or, alternatively, tried to carry over. The great thing about the first film was that the motivations and story of John Wick were clear: he was an excellent assassin that gave everything up for his partner, but after her death and her gift of a puppy to have a friend in. And when his puppy is killed by a man who wanted his car, he was understandably pissed off. So his quest was a simple tale of vengeance, coated with brutal action scenes and a great world building. But in John Wick 2, it was a story of a man, who after reclaiming his car (again I think?), wants out again, but has trouble after the man who got him out wants a favor. Even when John Wick says no, he does it after the man blows up his home and apparently he still plays by the rules of the assassin hotel company. So he does what the man request but then decides he wants to kill him to save New York from the other assassin groups. Does this plot seem more complex? Yes, but it’s not that it was complex that made me not like it. It was that John Wick did all these things without a clear and realized motivation, and it just felt half done. It could have been cool, but, like I said, it carried over more of the action and sets for most of the movie, with a lot of new world building. Because like seriously, it seems like everyone in the movie is a trained assassin.

Spoiler Truth Below

I think the movie left off where the movie should have begun: where he gets attacked, his building just got burned down because of the reproductions of the last movie, there’s now a bounty out for his death. And then, the only way he can defeat the bounty is to kill the person who placed the bounty on him. This fits into the rules of this universe and could have had included all of the same sets and plot points(like everyone on the street being an assassin).

Overall, I didn’t love it, but it was still pretty good, and also doesn’t really make the first one proud.

Thank you so much for reading, this is the first of my reviews where I didn’t like the movie. But I hope you enjoyed, feel free to follow, like, comment, etc.

-Jake Enemark


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