Chef: Fatherhood versus Passion

We hardly see many good films about family, the only ones I’ve seen recently being the “Fast and Furious” movies. They don’t hit as well as “Chef” does.

Chef is directed and written by Jon Favreau, a man I only know for the Iron Man movies and Jungle Book(sad, I know, but those were great too). But after watching this film, I know I’ll be a fan for life, because Chef was one of the most touching and heartfelt and real films I’ve seen in a long while. The film follows Carl Casper, a chef at a long revered restaurant when his life burns when a food blogger gives a two star review, and it goes from there. And that’s the most notable aspect of this film: it doesn’t go through set motions some dramas go through, but instead really grounds itself into reality of a man’s life as a chef and blazes it’s own, original story.

When we find Carl (Jon Favreau), he is a very flawed state. He isn’t happy with his cooking, he’s blind to his son, Percy (Emjay Anthony – great performance), and is just at as stand still in his life. His son is desperate to spend time with his dad, but he’s so distracted by work, it takes losing his career to realize what he has. And that’s when Carl starts to grow, and he learns that he can be a great father while also pursuing his passion. And that’s what I think the message is; that being the best father takes place when you are the best you.

With that story and heart of fatherhood and passion, it was told so brilliantly with the writing and directing (still blown away, obviously). It just gets another layer of awesome with it’s style: with wonderful montages of cooking, often in admiration of the art of food and a blend of Spanish and Jazz and Alternative soundtrack makes this film truly inventive.

This film is a well wrapped story of father and son, man and art, social media and people, culture and food, and a million of other things. Jon Favreau’s “Chef” is on Netflix right now, so please watch it.

Thank you so much for reading, if you want share, like, comment, etc.

-Jake Enemark

Featured image is owned by the respective parties of the makers of this movie.


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