What Practice?


It feels like electricity. A bolt, a sting that shocks every corner of my mind until it pulses it’s energy down on paper. What moment, what story, what character stores so much voltage that it has to keep me up at 4am? Sometimes it’s just relentless. I’ll be thinking about an idea for a project and think and think and think and occasionally write some scene down and begin a treatment and then its over. This is my problem: I have an idea, a great idea, but I end up abandoning the idea due to inaction and lack of practice.

I love to write, and I spend hours making my fingers dance on the keyboard, but only when I get around to it. But it seems like I never make it a priority to practice. It’s always, “I’ll do it after I clean my room,” or “After I watch one more YouTube video,” etc. But I know the same way a musician invest in their instrument, obsessing over improving their skill, playing several times a day. But I only write maybe once a week.

That’s about to change. I feel re-energized, inspired, you know? No more just writing it down in the notebook by my bed. No more starting up a script on Celtx and forgetting it. This blog will really help me. Along with the regularly postings of these, I’m going to create a regular writing schedule. Maybe I could thank myself with some dank ice cream.

Don’t you wish someone would kick your ass if you didn’t practice?


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