“Jake Enemark”

Hello! My name is Jake Enemark. I’m an 18 year old filmmaker based in Portland Oregon and studying Integrated Media: Video at Mt. Hood Community College. While I don’t have much experience besides acting work and PA work, film is definitely the area I wish to work in.

When I think about film, I think about all the good film achieves. It’s the kind of good that’s small, and personal. The good of going to the cinema and being shown a whole new world, curated by artists that want to show you a story that could change your life. One specific film that has accomplishes this is my favorite film titled, “Donnie Darko”. It’s a film about a young teenage boy who faces mental issues in a world that doesn’t make sense but given purpose through being the only one who can save the world by means of time travel. Its a complex, genre bending, and charming as hell movie. I watched this film and I saw myself in Donnie. He’s frustrated with life, family, and friends, but has goals, hopes, like me. That’s what I mean when movies have good in them;  someone can watch a film’s world and story unfold and find sense with the world outside. And it’ll make them happy.

That’s why I want to make films: I want to make good in the world.

I hope you enjoy my future posts, see ya!


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